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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this is abc7 news. >> just minutes away from the historic closure of the golden gate bridge. here is a live look. the last stranglers are making their way across this iconic span. >> and they better hurry. not more than the speed limit, of course. that's because workers will start installing a moveable median. some 3500 steel concrete blocks. this is video from the presidio parkway as drivers hustle to get out of san francisco. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. we will have more on the closure, but now in san francisco there has been a quadruple shooting. >> katie has the latest on this. katie? >> dan and ama, you can see what appears to be the bulk of the crime scene. it is actually at rose which is a small alley in between
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hait and page. what we know is multiple people have been shot and multiple fatalities. the coroner has been called to the scene, but police are not confirming at this point how many people have been killed. right now we know there have been no reports of anyone being arrested in relationship with this crime. but it is a large crime scene. not only is the block right here you are seeing shutdown but several blocks all the way around the neighborhood. i have been able to talk with a couple of neighbors who have shown up to this area in the last few minutes. a woman who lives here on the corner. nobody who heard or saw anything per say, but they tell me they are shocked to hear that this happened here and a little nervous and disappointed something so violent would happen in their neighborhood. right now we are keeping an eye on it. look for any breaking news updates. follow me on twitter katie abc7 or abc7 bay area.
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abc7 news. >> thanks very much. and now to our other top store. of course the golden gate bridge closure. >> transportation officials are not taking any chances. they are preparing for a rough weekend in terms of commuting. >> we begin with the abc7 news reporter who is live in san francisco near the golden gate bridge. >> over the last hour we have seen quite a bit of activity reving up for the closure. in the last few minutes or so we have seen the crews position themselves at the toll plaza. we have also seen highway patrol starting to escort each other across as they start squeezing down traffic over the bridge. >> at 8:00 i repositioned the center pylons shifting them for the last time. the crews closed the parking lots on both end of the bridge and they started leading the k-rails. >> our schedule calls for the contractor to be working at
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12:01. >> that means the cars and trucks will be squeezed off the bridge over the next hour. >> after 11:45 we are going to close things down and start flushing out the last vehicles. if you are planing to cross the bridge you need to be here at 11:30 to be safe. >> the new center divider will be made up of 3500 of the steel and concrete pieces. it will be one of the slimmest available at just 12 inches. but it will still make the center lanes tight at 9 feet. people who work and live nearby say they are not sure commuters and tourists have paid attention to all of the signs leading up to this weekend long closure. >> it would be easy to miss, i think if you were not watching every day or had a reason to pay attention. >> for those not paying attention, there will be a long detour. >> some people will not get the message and they will be presented with a long trip around the bay. >> the bridge is scheduled to reopen at 4:00 a.m. on monday
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morning. >> the golden gate bridge will not be shut to all traffic. golden gate buses will be transported by the patrol vehicles to make their regular routes. and pedestrians and bicyclists will be over the bridge. abc7 news. >> good to know, sergio. if you have to make the drive from the north bay to san francisco this weekend the detour will take you over the richmond san rafael bridge along 80 and over the bay bridge. that drive normally takes an hour, but with the extra traffic plan ahead and expect it could take a little longer than that and maybe a good bit longer than tay. >> it is difficult to predict how it will shutdown traffic. transportation officials are not taking any chances. they are preparing for what could be a rough weekend. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live along the 80 in berkeley with that part of the story. alan? >> ama, we are no where near the golden gate bridge. but it could get ugly all the
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way over here if too many drivers use this stretch of highway between san francisco and the north bay. >> this has never been done on this scale. >> the closing of the golden gate bridge could cause gridlock all over the bay area. the expectation is that drivers between san francisco and the north bay will funnel through the bridge and down the 5-85 corridor and across the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is a bridge in each direction. you have two lanes attempting to carry not only normal weekend traffic but a surplus of weekend traffic. >> we came here to mark the golden gate bridge off our bucket list. >> they are tourists who had to alter their weekend plans. >> we were going to see them tomorrow morning so now we will be going south. >> to alleviate congestion golden gate transit is running four times as many ferry runs from larkspir -- lark spir to
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salsa -- to sausalito. golden gate transit buses offer the only way across the bridge. they will be operating on regular weekend schedules but there could be delays so passengers should leave early to reach their destinations. >> even if i would be here this weekend i wouldn't try. >> a host of factors will determine this weekend's traffic conditions, but just to be safe the chp is preparing for the worst. alan wang, abc7 news. >> and we will be keeping an eye on the closure throughout the newscast and all weekend on air and on-line. visit for details on closures and information on public transit options. we have a link for you to download the traffic april ways on your smartphone to navigate the de 4s. we would love to have you join the abc7 news group. watch the abc7 morning news starting tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. we will have live updates on
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the closure throughout the morning. moving on now overseas three terror suspects in paris are dead while the fourth is on the run. authorities are looking for this woman. she is the 26-year-old girlfriend of one of the dead suspects. the three men were killed in two separate police standoffs today, but hostages they took were also killed bringing this week's death toll now to 20. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez . >> a day of terror in france ending with that flash. hostages running for their lives at the scene of one of two standoffs that lets -- that left three of the terrorists dead. this printing factory where the brothers accused of the masacre were cornered by police. they were holed up for hours
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finally coming outside shooting at officers before the gunbattle that left both brothers dead and one called a french tv station. police say the man who killed an officer on thursday was holding hostages at this kosher supermarket near paris. he synchronized his attack. the s.w.a.t team stormed in killing him and finding four hostages dead. his accomplice is still on the run. the french president said through a translator that the country remains on high alert. >> france also knows that it is not over yet. >> al-qaeda in yemen have claimed responsibility for the terror attack at "charlie abd o" newspaper this week. abc news, new york. >> and attorney general eric holder will represent the united states at a meeting of world leaders in paris this weekend to talk about
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combating terrorism. during the hostage standoff police were getting tips from a 27-year-old man who was hidden in a cardboard box in the building. for more than six hours he september -- he sent text messages to his father who then told police. he gave crucial information the commandos used. the gunmen never knew the pair was in the building. a travel alert for americans overseas. the u.s. state department is urging all-americans living and traveling abroad to be more vigilant because of what happened in paris as well as attacks in australia and canada. bay area muslims came together in san francisco's union square to show sympathy and solidarity for the people of paris and the shooting victims. abc7 news reporter with that story. >> one by one they light the candles. when they are done the flickering lights read "peace."
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>> they are peace-loving people. they are outside and they feel the sorrow of everybody else. >> bay area muslims wanted to do something that shows they stand in solidarity of the people of paris and that it woulds done in the name of islam. >> it is wrong and unacceptable and it has nothing to do with islam in general. >> he is a professor at uc berkeley and the chair of the northern california islamic council. he was just in paris last month for an easy llama phobia conference. >> we don't accept racism, discrimination and this is the moment for us to respond. >> not everyone here is muslim. there are the people who just happened upon it and joined in. the security guards helped light the candles. and then there are the french. a group of co-workers who happened to be in town this
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week on business. >> i don't think it is because of religion this happens. crazy people do crazy things. it is what i think. >> she cannot wait to get home to her family if paris, but for now she is comforted by the vigil. abc7 news. >> we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris on air and on-line at our reporting continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. coming up on abc7 news inching closer to history. the major accomplishment today for the two climbers in yosemite. and overcoming obstacles. athletes with severe injuries facing the challenge thanks to bay area researchers. the impact and results that are shear inspiration. and we are keeping an eye on the golden gate bridge. crews can install the new center divide. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. live doppler 7hd is tracking a system that will bring changes to your weekend.
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to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at in about 45 minutes the golden gait bridge will -- the golden gate bridge will close for the longest time in history. until 4:00 on monday. they are ready to install a moveable concrete barrier. the police have been diverting traffic on both sides of the bridge for a few hours now. for resources to help you get around this weekend go to our website at businesses are bracing for the impact of the closure. how they are affected depends on which side of the bridge they are on. in sausalito at the barrel
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house restaurant reservations are down. in san francisco businesses around the ferry building are bracing for a boom in business. it is four times the number of ferries will be running to make up for the bridge closure. >> more people and more dog owners. we will be down here. >> one man in marin county told us he is going to stay in -- he is going to a stay in marin party. and bart is drawing attention to the late night trans bay bus line. it launched last month with the help of ac transit. tonight two bart directors will meet at midnight in san francisco's mission district for a drink and then hop on a bus to oakland. it is an effort to draw attention to the service which is about a month into its year long test. >> a santa rosa man is making progress trying to finish what experts call the most technically difficult climb in the world. they are attempting to free climb the wall on el capitan and yosemite national park.
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the wall contains 32 pitches or sections. walled well as -- caldwell cleared the most difficult 20. jorgen completed part after sitting out so cuts could heal. in 24 hours space x will try again to launch an unmanned rocket. they scrubbed the launch because of a steering problem. the launch is set for just before dawn in florida. the plan is to successfully land the rocket vertically on an ocean barge. space x is run by the bay area businessman. harry reid said an exercise injury could leave him blind in one eye. an exercise snapped him in the eye knocking him down, three broken ribs and a concussion. but he is ready to get back to work. a bay area center that has changed the lives of thousands of amputees is having the same
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impact for athletes and others who are battling to overcome the injuries. >> it is amazing work. as eric thomas discovered the results are inspiring. >> watching max save for a race you would probably never guess that there was a time when walking normally was a challenge. >> my kneecap on the outside got shaved off. this is a bone and lcl and two of my quads. >> they saved his badly damaged right leg but the injury resulted in growth deformities and other challenges. challenges max decided to meet head on several years ago. >> i had taken time off from work and started to look at my injury in toe -- totality and tried things i never tried before. >> this is super extreme. >> to cross the barriers left from his injury he started working with richard wynne and
11:19 pm
the orthopedic institute. designing and testing high-tech braces allowing him to run swim, ski and much more. while ground breaking advances in prosthetic limbs have allowed the athletes to compete on the world stage braces present a different challenge. >> the challenge is you have the full limb there. you can't put whatever devices have been developed. you have to accommodate what is already there and still add to it. >> they start with a mold of max's leg and creates prototypes layer bilayer, finishing with high-tech materials like carbon fiber that can hold max's leg steady and steel be flexible -- and still booy flexible enough -- be flexible enough required for sports. max provides feedback on fit and alternative designs. >> i stepped into ucsf on the
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first day with here is a bullet point summary on what we can do and things i would like to try and that's where we starty. >> the results have allowed max to pursue a startling array of sports from running and swimming and snowboarding. a collaboration that is almost as rewarding as the ucsf team as it is for max. >> seeing a problem and finding a solution. trial and error and research and design and seeing him reach his potential and when we get victories they are small, but they feel huge. >> eric thomas, abc7 news. >> they are pretty big victories. >> let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> dan and ama if you are heading outside to go for a hike or a bike ride, the weather will be pleasant. it will be cooler than today, and then sunday we will introduce the possibility of a few drops. live doppler 7hd is not tracking drops, just cloud cover right now.
11:21 pm
i want to bring you up-to-date on where we stand. san francisco 175% of normal with over 15 inches of rain so far. 115% of average in santa rosa. oakland 124 and livermore 141. san jose 173%. obviously we are following three dry years. even though we are ahead for this season we have a long ways to go to catch up. we may see rain next weekend. temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. it is not going to be a cold night because of all of the cloud cover. sutro camera showing you san francisco. it will remain poor. spare the air issued for saturday and sunday through tuesday and you will notice moderate air quality. you will need a strong system to blow the dirty air out of here or we will need strong winds to come through. neither one is happening anytime soon. from our east bay hills camera the hazy skies again tomorrow and a chance of sprinkles on sunday morning and a mild pattern is going to be with us most of the workweek next week.
11:22 pm
so here is the satellite picture, this is a system we are watching. this system dives south. what it will do is have more of an on shore flow. it is coming off the cooler ocean water. the temperatures in the upper to lower 50s. and by early sunday some of the moisture that is moving northward could result in a few sprinkles. as far as the computer animation you will start out with the cloud cover so not too cold. hazy sunshine, spare the air for your sunday afternoon plans. and then in the wee hours -- saturday afternoon plans. in the wee hours of the morning you will notice some green around the monterey bay. if you are heading down toward the money tau raw bay or -- monterey bay or santa cruz you could see some showers develop. but for the rest of the us in the bay area we are going with a sprinkle of possibility. beyond that we could see something a little more promising. next weekend, best chance of rain saturday going into sunday. we still have a week from this
11:23 pm
weekend. tomorrow morning low 40s to low 50s. at least we have gotten rid of the chill that has been with us for so long. 59 in half moon bay, san francisco, vallejo, 60 in oakland, richmond palo alto low 60s. 62 san jose, livermore, hazy sunshine. 60 in antioch. accu-weather seven-day forecast 9th spare the air in a row issued for your saturday. we could be approaching records if we continue. the temperatures will remain within a few degrees heading into next week and we will obviously stay on the mild side but notice the increase in cloud cover friday next week. that could lead us up to possibly find the umbrellas, dan and ama. >> thanks, sandhya, very much. it is an extreme makeover puppy edition. a 4-year-old puppy was found on december 29th by a worker. they don't know if she
11:24 pm
wandered on are was thrown away. she was skinny and wet and a lot of matted fur. most of her coat had to be shaved off and that revealed this perfect little pooch. look at that. oh, man. she was nursed back to health by san francisco animal care and control. listen to this happy ending. one of the employees would found her at the dump took her home this afternoon. >> how could you not? that is a cute little dog. >> so sweet. >> that is an extreme makeover. >> and such a great ending to that one. >> first thing in the morning i look like the before photo. i put the before on and then this is what happens. >> major transformation. >> major. >> some really interesting comments from the exwarriors coach as he returns to oracle arena for the first time ♪ for the first time in...♪ ♪forever...♪ ♪...there'll be music...♪
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good evening. a good line from mark jackson, you cannot disrespect the caterpillar and then rave about the butterfly. he is right. think about it. jackson was back at oracle arena and working the game for espn. he got a standing ovation from the fans. steph curry leading the cheers. warriors and cavs. lebron is hurt. 27 for jr. andrew boggit the second game back. klay thompson has a dog named rocco. here is jackson on thompson. >> knock it down, scott. excuse me. the defender in the air. rocco at home and lovin it. >> i bet rocco likes this too.
11:28 pm
boggit with a big block and played 20 minutes. he had 23 points and it capped off with harrison barnes. barnes with 11 as the warriors win their -- as they win it 112-94. the play of the night is right here. utah and okc with .20 of a second fnlt. all trevor booker could do is tip it in. he tipped it up and tipped it in. it is no look style. that's amazing. it is 99-94. further proof that steph curry is a rapidly rising star, he is in a new sports
11:29 pm
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oregon just lost one of their best receivers, darrell caring ton. he failed a drug test, marijuana. he is not able to play in the championship game on monday night. it is a big loss. he had seven catches for 126 yards and two touchdowns in the rose bowl against florida state. it is oregon minus caring ton versus ohio state for the championship on monday night, january 12th. 5:30 kickoff on espn and the watch espn app. you know you have made it as an athlete when you star in your own sports center commercial. a funny spot just debuted featured the warriors on steph curry. >> not again. >> i didn't know you guys were watching last night. thank you guys. >> what are you talking about steph? >> today chicken curry. 54 points last week and then the next day curry stew. thank you so much. >> i don't think -- >> thank you. it means a lot. i lace them up every night for guys like you. >> who was that guy?
11:32 pm
>> i don't know. he seemed to like the chicken though. >> that is tremendous. he has an acting gig as well. >> thanks, larry. >> abc7 news continues now on-line and on twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> seems to like
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. the countdown is on. in less than 30 minutes the golden gate bridge will be closed to regular traffic all weekend. >> the bridge will not reopen until 4:00 in the morning on monday. more information on the closure and the detours at >> right now on gym mooy kimmel -- on jimmy kimmle kathy griffin. >> have a great weekend. we appreciate your time.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kathy griffin. from espn, chris fowler and kirk herbstreit. and music from priory. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. hi, everybody. well, that's very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching at home. thank you for coming here. it's very -- very good to see


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